MO Ring Event in Free Fire Max: Get Void Genotype Bundle and other rewards

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Event: Free Fire Max recently introduced the MO Ring event in New Luck Royale, which is awarding the expensive Void Genetype Bundle and Essential Turtleneck cosmetic rewards. However, in this Luck Royale, players will have to spend Diamonds.

Gamers can earn special outfits by participating in Monson Orakii. Well, in this article we are going to look at the MO Ring Event in Free Fire Max: Get Void Genotype Bundle and other rewards.

New MO Ring event has been added on 18 February 2023 on Indian Servers in Free Fire Max. While it is going to run till March 3, 2023. Gamers can obtain items during spins by spending diamonds. 1 spin costs 20 diamonds and 10+1 spins costs 200 diamonds.

Gamers will get random prizes from the prize pool:

  • Essential Turtleneck
  • Lacuna Genotype Bundle
  • Silent Statement Bundle
  • Void Genetype Bundle
  • Sports Car – Ventus
  • Treble Dagger
  • Monson Orakii Token
  • 2x Monson Orakii Tokens
  • 3x Monson Orakii Tokens
  • 5x Monson Orakii Tokens
  • 10x Monson Orakii Tokens
  • 200x Monson Orakii Tokens

How to get rewards in Free Fire Max?

Step 1: Players need to boot up the game in the smartphone. Touch the button with Luck Royale on the screen.

Step 2: Go to the menu and touch on the event button with MO Ring.

Step 3: Spin options will appear. Get items and tokens by spending Gamers Diamonds.

Step 4: After that, you can redeem the desired item by visiting the exchange store.

  • Essential Turtleneck – 200x Monson Orakii Tokens
  • Void Genotype Bundle – 200x Monson Orakii Tokens
  • Lacuna Genotype Bundle – 150x Monson Orakii Tokens
  • Silent Statement Bundle – 120x Monson Orakii Tokens
  • Sports Car Ventus – 50x Monson Orakii Tokens
  • Treble Dagger – 30x Monson Orakii Tokens
  • Diamond Royal Voucher (Expiration Date: March 31, 2023) – 5x Monson Orakii Tokens
  • Weapon Royale Voucher (Expires: March 31, 2023) – 5x Monson Orakii Tokens
  • Art of War Weapon Loot Crate – 5x Monson Orakii Tokens
  • Imperial Rome Weapon Loot Crate – 3x Monson Orakii Tokens
  • Supply Crate – 1x Supply Crate