Love Wheel event in Free Fire MAX, Take a look at the list of legendary rewards

Free Fire MAX: In Free Fire MAX, the developers continuously provide new events in Luck Royale. Currently, a new event is going on called Love Wheel, in which players are getting the amazing What a Heartthrob bundle and Parachute skin. Therefore, in this article we will talk about the list of legendary rewards present in the Love Wheel event.

Love Wheel event in Free Fire MAX

A new event named Love Wheel was introduced in Luck Royale by the developers on the Indian server on 14 February 2024. This event will run till 21 February 2024. Gamers are left with only 3 days of limited time. Players are getting expensive rewards in the event. Here are the rewards you can get when you spin:

  • What a Heartthrob Bundle
  • What a Sweetheart बंडल
  • Love is in the Air पैराशूट
  • cube fragment
  • Valentines Weapon Loot Crate
  • pet food
  • supply crate
  • What Love Loot Box
  • M4A1 Pink Laminate Weapon Crate
  • armor crate

Let us tell you that in this battle royale game, a total of 10 rewards will be seen in the Love Wheel event. However, according to the event rules, it is not possible to obtain all items. You have to select and remove the two rewards you don’t like. Then the spin button will be visible.

How to remove two prizes from Love Wheel and spin it?

Step 1: Free Fire MAX game has to be logged in on the smartphone.

Step 2: Select the “Love Wheel” event in Luck Royale.

Step 3: Two disliked items have to be selected. Touch the “Confirm” button.

Step 4: Two prizes will be drawn from the prize pool. You can get items by spinning 9 diamonds.

Let us tell you that the price of diamonds will increase after every spin.

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