Garena provides free room card in Free Fire MAX

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Custom rooms are among Free Fire MAX’s many exciting features that allow players to enjoy the game with friends. To create such rooms, players need special cards that generally require diamonds, and Garena has added a new event allowing them to get a room card.

The event is included in the current Chroma Futura series and does not involve difficult tasks, making it ideal for players. Moreover, the room card allows them to create unlimited rooms, albeit for a limited period.

How to get free room card in Free Fire MAX today

The new event featuring the Room Card (Time-Limited 6 hours) has started on Free Fire MAX Indian server. You must play a single match in the battle royale title, irrespective of the mode, to be eligible for a free reward.

Once you claim the card, it will be automatically activated. There is no limit on the number of times the card can be used. However, you can only use it for the stipulated duration, which is six hours. You can create multiple rooms to play with your friends for the duration.

After meeting the requirements, follow the given steps to receive the rewards:

Step 1: Press the calendar-shaped icon from the menu on the right to open the events tab.

Step 2: Select the Chroma Futura section, and a long list of available events will be displayed on the screen.

Step 3: Click the Free Room Card option and then the claim button beside the room card to get it for free.

A single room card in Free Fire MAX costs 100 diamonds and can only be utilized once. Thus, the card collected from this match can be considered valuable.

Steps to create a room in Free Fire MAX

After collecting the time-limited room card, you may immediately create unlimited rooms. Follow the steps provided here to create a new room using the free room card in Free Fire MAX:

Step 1: Open the mode selection menu by clicking on the option present above the start button.

Step 2: Click on the Custom option to load up a new interface. Here, players can join a room or create one based on their preference.

Step 3: Click the Create button and input the required details, including name, password, game mode, map, team mode, and other information.

You can make your selection from the preset modes under the game tab and fine-tune Advance Settings.

Step 4: After checking all the details, hit the confirm button to create a custom room.

You can share your room ID with your friends or keep it open for anyone to join. Once enough players are in the room, you can begin playing the mode.