A step-by-step guide to getting free scythe skin in Garena Free Fire MAX this week (December 2022)

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The much-awaited Lone Wolf map Ice Ground is now available in Garena Free Fire MAX. The snow-clad small-scale in-game area has also brought multiple events, allowing gamers to obtain free rewards. One such event is “Free Scythe,” offering prizes based on the damage done in the matches.

The “Free Scythe” event is a part of the Winterlands: Subzero series, in which players must deal a certain amount of damage in the Lone Wolf mode to attain free rewards. Although one can choose Ice Ground to complete the featured tasks, the event does not specify any map to claim the rewards.

A step-by-step guide to getting free scythe skin in Garena Free Fire MAX this week (December 2022)

The latest Winterlands: Subzero event went live in the game on December 23, 2022, and will stay active for almost a week before going offline on December 29. The “Free Scythe” event features the following tasks and rewards that players can find:

  • Deal 10,000 damage in Lone Wolf – 50 Universal Fragments
  • Deal 20,000 damage in Lone Wolf – Two Winterlands AK47 Weapon Loot Crate
  • Deal 40,000 damage in Lone Wolf – Airspeed Ace Scythe

One can access the latest Winterlands: Subzero event, complete the required missions, and claim all the free rewards.

How to access the latest Winterlands: Subzero event to claim a free Airspeed Ace Scythe in Free Fire MAX?

Here’s how you can access the “Free Scythe” event in Garena Free Fire MAX and claim free rewards:

Step 1: Launch the latest version of the game on your smartphone, tablet, or PC/laptop (only meant for Android emulator users).

Step 2: Log into the game using your preferred alternative and tap the screen to enter.

Many guest account users lose their in-game data and progress after uninstallation or update. Hence, remember to bind your guest account to a particular platform to ensure your in-game collections, stats, purchases, diamonds, and more are safe.

It will further help you synchronize Garena Free Fire and Free Fire MAX with just one account (both games share the same server).

Step 3: After entering the game and pressing the calendar icon, you can access the “Free Scythe” event under Winterlands: Subzero campaign tab.

Step 4: Return to the lobby and access the Lone Wolf via the game mode section after checking out the event and tasks.

Keep playing Lone Wolf matches until you reach the designated goal of dealing damage. Meanwhile, also keep tracking your progress via the event section.

Step 5: Once you have completed the required goals of the event, open the event section and claim free rewards.

The game will automatically send all the rewards to your vault after you have claimed them in the event.

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