Free Fire Max Daily Trials Day 4: Get free rewards today

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The Daily Trials have been underway since the start of the Chroma Futura event on the Free Fire MAX India server and players have been thoroughly enjoying the offerings so far. These allow them to test out premium in-game items that usually have to be purchased using diamonds, albeit these are only available for 24 hours.

This time, the developers have included a free Dimitri character as well as a fantastic gun skin as part of the trial. To obtain the prizes, you must sign in. A thorough guide is provided in the section below alongside an overview of the items to help you out.

Free Fire MAX: How to get the 24-hour Dimitri and SCAR – Haven Warrior trials?

Garena has refreshed the rewards for the Daily Trials for the ninth day, and they now feature a new character and gun skin. To become eligible for Dimitri and SCAR – Haven Warrior free trial cards, you need to sign into your account between 4:00 am IST on March 4 to 3:59 am IST on March 5.

Steps to claim a free character and gun skin trial in Free Fire MAX

You may follow these steps to claim free Daily Trials for March 4, 2023:

Step 1: You must only sign in to your Free Fire MAX account to become eligible for the Daily Trials, irrespective of the date.

Step 2: After accessing your account, you may head to the Events tab and locate the Daily Trials under the Chroma Futura section.

Step 3: Hit the Claim button next to the Dimitri character and SCAR – Haven Warrior to receive the two items for free.

The 24-hour trials for both items will be activated, and you may equip the gun skin through the Weapons section. In contrast, Dimitri can be equipped through the Character section.

Details about Dimitri and SCAR – Haven Warrior in Free Fire MAX

Dimitri was released alongside Thiva when Free Fire partnered with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike to commemorate the game’s fourth anniversary. In terms of ability, the character packs a punch, making it incredibly desirable overall. The Healing Heartbeat power produces a 3.5m wide healing zone where friends can recover 5 HP per second for a duration of 10 seconds.

Downed allies in this zone can also self-recover, and the ability can be utilized every 85 seconds. When players level up their character, their skill improves considerably. At its peak, the duration increases to 15 seconds while the cooldown time decreases to 60 seconds.

The Haven Warrior gun skin features a green and gold color scheme with yellow holograms spread all over. Apart from his improved appearance, the cosmetic features powerful attributes that render it even more deadly. It improves the following:

  • Rate of Fire: “++”
  • Armor Penetration: “+”
  • Movement Speed: “-“

This increased fire rate helps unload the magazine with additional armor penetration. Additionally, you will also gain 1% of Weapon Skins Lifetime Progress.

Note: A “+” refers to an increase in the attribute, while “-” indicates a decrease in the said attribute.