Free Fire MAX Daily Trials Day 13 rewards

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Free Fire MAX players frequently seek opportunities to test in-game characters and gun skins before purchasing them. With the release of Daily Trials as part of Chroma Futura, Garena has allowed them to experience various attractive characters and gun skins.

Players can log in to the game daily and collect a fresh set of rewards, with the items for the thirteenth day now accessible. They can get Clu and Bizon – Wraith Patrol trial cards for free today simply by accessing the battle royale title.

Free Fire MAX: How to get free Clu character and Bizon – Wraith Patrol trials

Today is the penultimate day of the Daily Trials in Free Fire MAX, and you can get Clu character and Bizon – Wraith Patrol trial cards without spending diamonds. The two items will be accessible only between March 8, 2023, at 4 am IST (GMT +5:30) and March 9, 2023, at 3:59 am IST.

While the rewards will be accessible for the next few hours, you must claim them through the specified event section. Here are the steps to obtain them in your account:

Step 1: Log in to your Free Fire MAX account and load the events.

Step 2: Select Chroma Futura and scroll through the available events to pick Daily Trials.

Step 3: Press the claim button to receive the trial cards for the two items.

The items will only be accessible in the account for the next 24 hours and then expire. Try not to miss out on this opportunity to test various weapons and character trials.

Clu character and Bizon – Wraith Patrol in Free Fire MAX

Clu is one of the older characters in Free Fire MAX and has an active ability called Tracing Steps, which provides info on opponents. Upon activating it, players can locate the enemies’ positions within a 65m distance, given that they are not in a prone or squat position.

Additionally, the location is only shared for five seconds and can be utilized a second time after a cooldown time of 75 seconds. The additional benefit of this ability is that the positions are also shared with teammates. When the character reaches level 6, the duration rises to 10 seconds while the cooldown time drops to 50 seconds.

Bizon Wraith Patrol was released in Weapon Royale a few months back i.e., in October 2023, and packed a punch in terms of esthetics. It comes in a blue and gray theme with a glowing holograph at the center and arrows on the front to complement the overall design.

In terms of attributes, it gets increased accuracy and armor penetration, although missing out on reload speed. These attributes ensure you don’t miss too many shots and successfully eliminate your opponents from close range.