Free Fire max Bermuda Dreams event January 2023

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Garena recently unveiled the entire Bermuda Dreams rewards schedule for Free Fire MAX’s Indian server. The developers released this after the completion of the Blaze of Glory, Angelic, and Densho events that were added after the update.

The first event has already kicked off within the game, with many more rewards lined up for players to enjoy until later next month. Gamers can get their hands on attractive rewards, including a permanent outfit, pan skin, and melee weapon skin, at no cost.

The rewards schedule is as follows:

  • Trendy Trophy – January 27 to January 31
  • Maid Gone Mayhem Bundle – January 27 to February 9
  • Cute to Kill – January 31 to February 6
  • Backpack skin – February 3 to February 7
  • Flying Pan – February 7 to February 9

Players will have to fulfill different requirements in order to claim the rewards free of cost.

The latest Bermuda Dreams events have begun in Free Fire MAX

Bermuda Dreams is the most recent event campaign to be launched in Free Fire MAX. It has introduced new events and incentives that are meant to keep players occupied for the rest of January and early February.

With two of the events already active in Free Fire MAX, this opens up the doors for players to obtain several cosmetics free of cost. Although they’re essentially free, gamers will have to complete a particular set of objectives to get them.

Ongoing events and rewards

Let’s Play

The Let’s Play event requires gamers to play a particular number of games in Free Fire MAX to become eligible for the rewards. It has three milestones, with each one featuring a different reward. The milestones and rewards have been listed below:

  • Play five matches to get a free Random Loadout Loot Crate
  • Play 10 matches to get a free Gold Royale Voucher (Expiry date: February 28, 2023)
  • Play 20 matches to get a free Trendy Trophy

The event will remain active until January 31, 2023, giving players more than enough time to obtain these rewards.

Web Event

The Bermuda Dreams Web Event is designed in such a way that players can earn special Dinner Tokens from different methods, including match drops from BR, CS, Lone Wolf Mode, Daily and Bonus Missions, as well as map drops in the BR mode.

Subsequently, these can be used to prepare and serve food to the NPCs to accumulate Dream Progress. Once the guest’s satisfaction reaches the maximum, players will obtain their respective rewards.

Upon completing this event, gamers will receive all of the contents of the Maid Gone Mayhem Bundle for free.