Duo emote in Free Fire, How to Get, Event Details and many more

Free Fire MAX: Emotes are considered an interesting item of the Free Fire MAX game. All players like to have legendary and rare emotes in their account. Therefore, in this article, we are going to take a look at how to get free Duo emotes.

How to get free Duo emote in Free Fire MAX?

In Free Fire MAX, players continuously get beneficial events. In some events, diamonds have to be spent and in some events, you get free rewards for completing normal missions.

Currently players have received the Duo Emote event. This event has been added today i.e. (10 February 2024). It will run till 14 February 2024. You can celebrate Valentine’s Day in style by getting this emote for free. The items found in the Duo Emote event will be available for a limited time only. If players want to get the Duo emote permanently, they can go to Luck Royale and claim Emote Royale.

Below are the missions and items in the Duo Emote event:

  • You can get free Duo emote by logging in.

Players will get this emote for a limited time of 24 hours only. For this reason players should go to Luck Royale and claim.

How to get items from the Free Duo Emote event?

It is easy to get rewards from inside the game. If players do not know the information, they can follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Players have to login to the Free Fire MAX game on the smartphone.

Step 2: Touch the “Events” button on the left side of the lobby screen.

Step 3: You have to touch on the “Activities” tab on the screen. Then the “Free Duo Emote Trail” event has to be selected.

Step 4: You can claim the free emote by touching the “Claim” button on the left.

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