Choose Royale coming in Brazil Server Garena Free Fire – Revealing AWM – Breaking the Ice

The Free Fire community can now celebrate, as Garena Free Fire is about to launch the long-awaited AWM Quebrando Gelo. Scheduled to take place on December 27th, this event promises to surprise players with incredible rewards and lots of fun. Let’s explore the main news and strategies to do well at this exciting event.

Revealing AWM – Breaking the Ice

One of the attractions of this Choice Royaleis AWM – Breaking Ice, which will certainly make players eager to get their hands on it. However, to earn it, players will have to spend diamonds by spinning the lucky wheel. Below, we present the cost of each spin:

  1. 1st spin  – 9 Diamonds
  2. 2nd spin  – 29 Diamonds
  3. 3rd spin  – 59 Diamonds
  4. 4th spin  – 99 Diamond
  5. 5th spin  – 199 Diamonds
  6. 6th spin  – 299 Diamonds
  1. 7th spin  – 399 Diamonds
  2. 8th spin  – 599 Diamonds

Steps to Redeem your Rewards

To acquire the desired AWM – Breaking Ice and other cosmetic items available in this Escolha Royale event on Free Fire, players must follow a few simple steps:

    1. Initially, access the Royale Menu within the game.
    2. Choose the Choose Royale option.
    3. With the Choice Royale selected, spin the wheel in hopes of earning your rewards.

In short, Choose Royale is an exciting event in Free Fire that allows players to test their luck to unlock exclusive characters and skins. Remember that the chance of winning the top prize largely depends on the player’s luck. If you are determined to spin through all available items, be aware that the total cost will be 1,692 diamonds.

About Choose Royale on Free Fire

Choose Royale Free Fire operates with intriguing mechanics. Before starting the spins, the player has the opportunity to eliminate two prizes, making the competition for the main prize even more fierce. With each spin, the reward won will turn gray, and with each new attempt, the chances of obtaining the biggest prize increase. However, it’s important to note that the price of each spin will also increase, making the challenge more expensive the closer you are to the top prize. To win the grand prize, the player will have to spin up to 8 times.

This new Choice Royale promises to bring a lot of fun and excitement to Free Fire players. So be prepared to test your luck and win the exclusive prizes that are waiting for you.

Remember to mark October 20th on your calendar as that is when the event begins. Gather your diamonds, choose your spins wisely and may luck be on your side in this exciting Free Fire event.

Free Fire  is a battle royale video game developed by 111dots Studio and published by  Garena. The game is available for mobile devices ( Android and iOS ) and computers (Windows) through  emulators.


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