Week 4 FFML Season 7 Recap: This is the Team with the Most Booyah!

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Week 4 FFML Season 7 Recap: This is the Team with the Most Booyah!

FFML Season 7 doesn’t feel like it’s been 4 weeks for the regular season. Later the top 12 teams in the regular season will enter the Grand Final round to determine the champion of FFML Season 7.

Although not the main factor, Booyah is indeed important because when Booyah the points obtained from placement will be high. Although Elims are also an important thing that cannot be missed.

So, regarding Booyah, this is the team with the most Booyah until week 4 of FFML Season 7.

  • EVOS Divine – 9 Times
  • ONIC Olympus – 7 Times
  • BTR Delta – 6 Times
  • Alfaink SES – 6 Times
  • RRQ – 6 Times
  • MPO Esports – 6 Times
  • Bulls Esports – 5 Times
  • First Raiders Eclipse – 4 Times
  • Echo Esports – 4 Times
  • First Raiders Storm – 3 Times
  • Genesis Dogma SF – 3 Times
  • G Throne of Aphrodite – 3 Times
  • Morph Team – 3 Times

It can be said that Booyah is not a ranking benchmark because FR Eclipse himself only got 4 but he is in the top position, while for Bulls Esports even though Booyah has 5x but his position is in danger of not qualifying for the Grand Final after being ranked 17th.

Consistency is indeed the key to staying at the top for the league, therefore Booyah alone is not enough to increase the ranking because if it’s Too Soon then of course a lot of points will be lost.