Tiger Wong Esports Team Wins the Second AXIS Cup Free Fire Season indonesia

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Tiger Wong’s Tiger Wong Esports team won the second season of the AXIS Cup FREE FIRE tournament.

In the Grand Final round which was held on Saturday and Sunday, 26-27 November 2022, Tiger Wong Esports managed to defeat top national esports teams such as AURA Ignite, EVOS Divine, Onic Olympus and Dewa United Esports.

Victory was obtained after Tiger Wong Esports managed to stay on top of the standings until the end of the game with 201 Total Points and 4 Booyahs.

Since Tiger Wong Esports was formed in 2020, we have always tried to create achievements, by participating in various tournaments, both on a community and national scale. The aim is not only to continue to hone skills, but also to explore various strategies to deal with various types of players ,” said AAA, a representative for Tiger Wong Esports,This victory in the AXIS Cup strengthens our determination to be the best among professional players in Indonesia.


The Long Way From the Baim Wong Esports Team

The journey of the second season of AXIS Cup Free Fire begins with the qualifying round on November 25 2022.

The final qualifying results placed OPI Griffin, Tiger Wong Esports, Edan Execration, and INA Priest as the top 4 teams from Wave 1.

Meanwhile, JS Luxs, Edan Esports, Marawa Uraqan, Bismillah Jago were the top 4 teams from Wave 2. In the Grand Final, these eight teams met with 4 invited teams, namely AURA Ignite, EVOS Divine, Onic Olympus, and Dewa United Esports.

The first day of the Grand Final of the AXIS Cup Free Fire season two was dominated by Tiger Wong Esports who seemed to be adept at controlling the game.

There was a back-and-forth between Tiger Wong Esports and EVOS Divine, who excelled at the start of the match.

Unfortunately, EVOS Divine has not managed to match Tiger Wong Esports’ score and finished third at the end of the first day.

The Baim Wong Esports Team became even more popular in the Grand Final on the second day. The strategy to aggressively attack proved to be successful in bringing them to the lead in the match.

On the second day, Tiger Wong Esports is closely guarded by JS Luxs and OPI Griffin who can overtake the points earned at any time. The final results of the match then put JS Luxs in second place, OPI Griffin in third place, and EVOS Divine in fourth place.

“The AXIS Cup can pave the way for esports teams from all over Indonesia to pursue their careers as professional esports players ,” said Christina Lim, Head of BOWL Team, organizer of the AXIS Cup 2022.

Through this tournament, community teams have the opportunity to play with Indonesia’s well-known esports teams . If used properly, this moment can be a means for novice teams to learn techniques and strategies from teams with more experience and flying hours.

This year, the AXIS Cup has competed in two games which are divided into two seasons. After the success of the first and second Free Fire tournaments, as well as the first season of Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB), which has been running since last August, AXIS Cup is currently preparing for the second season of MLBB tournament which is scheduled to take place in December. , with a total prize that can be won of 50 million rupiah.