The Team ONIC Olympus Wants To Crash In FFML Season 7!

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The Team ONIC Olympus Wants To Crash In FFML Season 7!

FFML Season 7 is getting fiercer as seen from the existing leaderboard movements. The teams are trying their best, including ONIC Olympus, which is starting to get hot in week 2 of FFML Season 7.

ONIC Olympus, whose performance is improving and is able to top the FFML Season 7 standings.

Coach Wizaa Names the Team They Want to Crash in FFML S7

Regarding the existing teams, it turns out that this is the team that ONIC Olympus wants to run into, this was stated directly by Coach Wizaa, whom SPIN Esports met at the FFML Season 7 venue.

“Anyone who intersects, side by side like that. If they are irritated we have to be even more irritated,” said Coach ONIC Wizaa.

It turns out that coach Wizaa himself doesn’t specifically target one or two teams, but whoever the team is next door to them. If it does collide as much as possible will be fought.

It was proven by ONIC Olympus’ gacor with temporary gains of 228 points and 5 Booyah (Day 6 FFML Season 7).

Seeing the game from ONIC, what do you think about Spinners? Will you be one of the champion candidates or not?

In our opinion, they have been able to prove that they have the maximum points for 4 matches playing with quite a lot of Booyah, even though they have not been able to beat EVOS Divine, which has got 6 Booyah.