Overall standings of Vietnam Free Fire League Spring 2023

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With the conclusion of the Vietnam Free Fire League Spring 2023, the top four teams have secured seats in the upcoming SEA International (FFSI), slated to be played from May 12 to 28 this year. Team Flash overtook all their opponents to acquire the trophy in the VFL and has been awarded around $30K in prize money.

After 96 intense matches across 12 days, the team accumulated 1176 points and 545 eliminations. They earned 21 Booyahs in the process, the most by any team in the tournament. Their comeback in the last two days allowed them to lift the trophy with a bang.

Although SBTC gave it their all and showed strong competition, they narrowly missed out on winning the crown by just 29 points. Having garnered 15 Booyahs, the unit collected 1147 points, including 533 eliminations.

Overall standings of Vietnam Free Fire League Spring 2023

  1. Team Flash – 1176 points
  2. SBTC Esports – 1147 points
  3. P Esports – 1117 points
  4. Eagle Esport – 1061 points
  5. V Gaming – 944 points
  6. GOW – 900 points
  7. WAG – 864 points
  8. Heavy – 828 points
  9. Step Up Gaming – 766 points
  10. FortHood – 635 points
  11. Genius Esports – 553 points
  12. Family Boss – 364 points

P Esports also performed brilliantly throughout their 96 games and plundered 1117 points. The team picked up 595 eliminations and 13 Booyahs during the 12 matchdays. The last day saw a dip in their performances, dropping to third place in the overall standings. Nero from the squad achieved the Most Valuable Player award in the Free Fire contest.

Eagle Esports occupied the fourth spot with 1061 points and 484 points. The lineup features two experienced players: DacLop and IZAGOD, and will aim to showcase their exploits in the upcoming SEA International.

V Gaming could not make it to the SEA Invitational, as they placed fifth with 944 points on the chart. GOW Esports and WAG came in sixth and seventh with average performances. Genius Esports and Family Boss struggled to earn points and finished at the bottom of the table.

The four qualified squads will represent Vietnam in the Free Fire SEA International 2023, which will boast 18 teams from across the world. It will be the first global contest of the year, while the World Series is scheduled for November.