Different from last season, this time the FFML Season V Division 2 will be held first, before entering the main league. Next week will be the start of an exciting battle in the new competitive season of Free Fire. A major national-level tournament, FFML Season V Division 2 will present new teams who are ready to show off their teeth and have a powerful strategy to be at the top of the throne for the championship title.

It will be held on January 14 to February 6 2022, of course, it will be an exciting spectacle that is a pity to miss. Interestingly, there will be a different format from the FFML Season V event. The tournament, which consists of 18 semi-pro teams, is no longer divided into 3 groups, but 2 groups that will be combined into 1 Match Day with a total of 12 matches for 6 weeks on a regular basis. seasons.

Furthermore, FFML Season V Division 2 will roll out fully online. However, the 18 teams must have had thorough preparations to reap maximum points. By watching the FFML Season V Division 2 tournament, Survivors will find many unexpected surprises during the tournament.

So, don’t forget to support your favorite team by watching the FFML Season V Division 2 tournament every 18.30 WIB Live on the FF Esports ID YouTube channel . Further information regarding FFML Season V Division 2 can be accessed through the official FF Esports ID Instagram .