FFML Season 7 is full of magic kids, who is the best?

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Stay tuned for the following 3 wonderkids in FFML Season 7!

Waiting for the FFML Season 7 kick-off which will start this week, Friday (3/3) to be precise, of course we will talk about who the players are there.

Various star and experienced players are definitely here and ready to fight and feel the heat of the FFML Season 7 battle stage.

However, apart from the various star and experienced players, it is not uncommon for FFML to always bring new faces. Whether it’s players from community/tier 2 scene teams, or maybe new faces who have never competed at all (the public).

Competition among young players (wonderkid) is one example. They have tested their talents and talents in the game for a long time, it’s time for them to start acting to show their skills.

Young, different, and dangerous’ are the right words for the wonderkids who will be competing in FFML Season 7 soon. Who has the chance to be featured?

3 Wonderkids who are ready to rock FFML Season 7

Previously, there were several wonderkid names that were highlighted last season such as EVOS Rasyah, ONIC Zaack, and even SES REYY at a relatively young age.

Now, in FFML Season 7, there are at least a few players who are classified as wonderkids, even if they are under 17 years old. Even though the possibility of them not being able to advance to the international stage is certain, they are not afraid to show off on the FFML Season 7 stage.

Who are they? Here’s the full review.


1. ECHO CALVIN – 14 Years

Calvin is ECHO’s newest recruit who takes on the role of sniper/support. 14 years old, he is believed to be a ‘secret weapon’ a la coach ChrisJo for ECHO in FFML Season 7. This young boy is certainly not just any kid.

Even though he is only 14 years old, he already exists on various platforms. Not surprisingly, the way and perfect mechanics of playing have become an important factor for ECHO to propose to her this season.

Hopefully, Calvin’s debut can leave a good impression on him personally and for ECHO Esports in FFML Season 7.

2. BTR Butterfly – 16 Years

Butterfly is a young player from the Bigetron Delta team since last season. Previously, BTR won FFML S6 Division 2 and advanced to the FFIM stage.

Despite his young age, Butterfly’s competitive spirit is quite high. Not surprisingly, he still stays at BTR for FFML Season 7 with SENSEI. The presence of veterans like Azriel, Sueb, and THANOS can certainly forge him into a quality player.

Taking on the role of rusher on the team, what will Butterfly’s debut with Bigetron be like in FFML Season 7? Let’s wait.

3. MORPH MaaL – 15 Years

This reliable sniper has proven himself worthy of competing on the FFML stage from last season. MaaL is a community/tier-2 player who has had quite a successful career on the FFML stage with DRANIX.

Previously, he and his colleagues played in the community/tier 2 scene under the team name Supra Bapak or abbreviated as SB. Under the tutelage of the coach, Lorenz, he was trained to be a deadly player for all opponents on the battlefield.

Don’t underestimate his ability to play sniper, when the enemy is off guard, he will easily finish off the lives of his opponents. One of the interesting and promising players to watch in FFML Season 7.

Apart from the three names above, there are various other names that are no less promising. However, Free Fire News Portal believes that the three names above are wonderkids who are certainly ready to make a memorable debut in FFML Season 7.