FF india eSports: Comparing the best teams head-to-head ahead of FFPL Winter 2021 Week 2

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The Free Fire Pro League 2021 Winter is about to start with its second week of action soon. There are two teams on the top of the scoreboard at the end of week one, and they are Chemin Esports and GodLike Esports. While these two teams have been playing with and against each other since donkey’s years, there are two new teams that are capturing our attention. And they are the underdogs KM Brotherhood and Revenant Esports. While both of them are amazing and are playing well, let’s take a look at them in detail and compare them head to head.


Chemin Esports

Total Points: 148
Kills: 67
Booyahs: 1

Chemin Esports proved to everyone that they are a cut above the rest. It’s unfortunate that this team has only one booyah, considering they came close to winning so many games. They were almost always in the top 3 teams of any map that they played. They seldom had bad games where they got eliminated early. The latter is probably what kept them above everyone else.

Chemin Esports is a team that barely ever got contested on drop. Luckily enough for them, their early game phases were always relatively stress-free. Since they have the luxury of space in the early game, they can afford to take potshots at neighbouring teams and harass them. All those early frags help them boost their stats before they even enter the final circles. They have an astonishing amount of firepower. Out of the top 5 players of Week 1, three wore Chemin Esports jerseys. No prison can hold them captive, no man can contain their rage. They are ready to tear through the opposition in Week 2.

GodLike Esports

Total Points: 108
Kills: 45
Booyahs: 1

GodLike Esports are quite the opposite of Chemin Esports. They are a lot more aggressive than any other team. However, they are measured in their approach to violence. They love to third party other teams, but they also have an acute sense of which fights are safe to engage. They are opportunity seekers. GodLike Esports boast of an incredible amount of firepower at all ranges. However, there are outliers in this team – talented players the defy the odds of the battle in certain situations. Nivesh is known as the best grenadier in the country, Akashdip is a player that is extremely hard to pin down in urban combat, Ginotra on the other hand is an incredible controller who doubles up as a defensive pillar. The evasive playstyle of GodLike Esports makes them a fluid opponent, one that can adapt and improvise on their feet.

The only reason GodLike couldn’t stack up closer to Chemin Esports is because they were not immune to early game threats. Their drop locations were never open for the taking. While they are more than capable of still reigning supreme over their desired landing spots, they are susceptible to losing a limb or two, which makes it harder for them to close the games with a booyah.

KM Brotherhood

Total Points: 87
Kills: 39
Booyahs: 0

KM Brotherhood has proved to be one of the sneakiest teams in the lobby. Their rotation paths are extremely safe. They might just have studied their opponent’s paths down to the wire and moulded their paths to make sure they don’t cross anyone else. Their superior preparation and scouting helps them to stay untouched until the end of the third circle. After that, the team turns on the textbook border aggression and shoots their way into the zone if they encounter resistance. However, they’d obviously prefer to fly under the radar if things go their way.

KM Brotherhood’s research has got them this far, however they are yet to bag a booyah. Pre-planned strategies can only secure their early game phase. As the shrinking circle forces them in the vicinity of opponents, they struggle to come up with innovative solutions, and will most likely crumble under the pressure of third parties. If they can somehow be more agile and nimble, they could perhaps see through a game till the end and secure themselves a better position. While they had 87 points at the end of week 1, and were at the third position overall, one must keep in mind that they have played 12 matches. There are several other teams who are close to this number after having played only six matches. KM Brotherhood might not get to enjoy the view from the top by the end of this week.

Revenant Esports

Total Points: 72
Kills: 32
Booyahs: 1

One might be wondering why we named Revenant Esports, even though they are on the seventh spot on the overall ranking. It’s because they were able to achieve this incredible score after only one day of play.

Revenant Esports (ex-Head Hunters) are a variable team. They are extremely good on the map of Bermuda. Any circles moving towards the Peak or Bimasakti Strip region end up with them getting the best positions for the end game. Their read on Purgatory is even better. Revenant Esports are the kings of fighting from low ground. The terrain disadvantage simply does not seem to bother them, regardless of the height. But will they be able to ascend their gameplay to the next level. This iron turtle will go through an endurance run in week 2.


Week 2 of the FFPL 2021 Winter starts on 15th January at 6 PM IST. Make sure you tune in to our official Free Fire Esports India YouTube channel to watch and make sure to create your Dream Team to win exciting rewards!


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