EVOS Divine Wins League Phase FFML Season 7, What’s the Prize?

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EVOS Divine Wins League Phase FFML Season 7, What’s the Prize?

EVOS Divine Wins League Phase FFML Season 7

FFML Season 7 isn’t completely over yet, this tournament has just finished its league round where EVOS Divine is top 1 for this round.

In second place was First Raiders Eclipse who also appeared fierce, and there was Echo Esports who failed at the last minute and took third place.

Even though it’s not yet the Grand Final, they deserve to get a prize because of their success in becoming the top 3 in the league phase. So, roughly how many prizes did these teams bring for their hard work during those 5 weeks?

EVOS Divine Brings 400 Million Rupiah

As the 1st league phase winner of FFML Season 7 EVOS Divine earned 400 million rupiah which is certainly quite a lot and paid off for their hard work for 5 weeks running. EVOS Divine did perform well and often got Booyahs, a total of 13 Booyahs were scored and the most compared to other teams.

But of course it’s not just Booyah that’s important, both in terms of placement and EVOS elims are quite high, EVOS got 347 placements and 314 elims. Even though it is not the highest in terms of elimination, consistency in getting a good placement is also the key for EVOS to outperform its competitors, including the FR Eclipse which was once in 1st position.

FR Eclipse also had to settle for second place and pocketed only 180 million rupiah. His Elims is quite high, which is 330 above EVOS Divine but his placement is only 310, which makes him fail to reach the highest position.

At the end of the week FR is often too soon which makes it fail to get many points.

Unlike FR Eclipse, Echo Esports went crazy lately and shot up to third place, and made this team overtake many teams such as SES Alfaink (only 1 point different) and also G Arsy Aphrodite.

But once again the struggle is not over, because the 12 teams that have qualified for the Grand Final namely EVOS, FR Eclipse, Echo, SES, G Arsy, Morph, FR Storm, RRQ, ONIC, MPO, BTR, and GD are very likely to win the FFML title. Season 7.

Unlike the previous season, the Grand Final will be held in just one day following the format of the Free Fire world championship, so that later the Indonesian team will get used to it and be able to win the International title again.