EVOS Divine Rival Team in FFML Season 7 According to AimGod!

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EVOS Divine Rival Team in FFML Season 7 According to AimGod!

FFML Season 7 will start soon today March 3, 2023.

FFML Season 7 will be exciting because there is a new format where there is a League and Grand Final.

Through a press conference before the kick-off of FFML Season 7, EVOS AimGod revealed the rival team for EVOS Divine in season 7.

“All of them are strong, but maybe RRQ because of the DGWIB champion yesterday,” said EVOS AimGod via the PMPL ID S7 press conference.

RRQ is a team that is considered a rival by the new EVOS Divine roster. This is very reasonable because in any scene, both of them are quite fierce and their fans are also very big in Indonesia.

Moreover, another important point is that RRQ has just won the DGWIB tournament which is one of the Free Fire tournaments in Indonesia.

Their rivalry has indeed proven to be strong, Free Fire has become one of the scenes that cannot be separated from the rivalry between the two.

It will be interesting to wait for the second match in the new season where there will be a new format, of course there will be new adaptations made so that we can consistently earn points in the League and be able to enter the top 12 and then compete in the Grand Final to fight for the top 4 to advance to the world Free Fire tournament.