Godzilla and Kong come to Call of Duty: Warzone, now know how to win the match

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A new and famous Operation Monarch mode has been introduced in the Call of Duty warzone. This mode has started from today. Its special thing is that Godzilla and Kong have been introduced in it. Let us tell you the details about it.


The gamers playing Call of Duty: Warzone have been given a special gift today by the developers of this game, Activision. Activision is going to add the famous gentle monster Godzilla and Kong to its new game Call of Duty: Warzone, which is sure to pique the interest of gamers. These will be added to a new limited time mode of the game. 


The name of this new mode is Operation Monarch. During this mode both Godzilla and Kong will roam the island and players will have to stay away from them. A blog post by Activision’s James Mattone explained that both of these monsters are not very aggressive but can occasionally attack in anger or recklessness during matches.


How to play matches with Godzilla and Kong

James Mattone said that after receiving the Titan Frenzy alert, an operator has two options. Players either cleverly try to stay away from these dangerous creatures and or if they come in front of them in some way, they try to damage them directly with the help of weapons. 


If you do enough damage to monsters like Godzilla and Kong during Titan Frenzy or earn enough “Monarch Intel” during a match, you’ll get a killstreak ability that allows you to use powers from Godzilla or Kong. Will give


Available till 25th May

In Call of Duty: Warzone , this new Operation Monarch mode will be available today i.e. from May 11 to May 25. Along with the event, Activision is also releasing some Godzilla and Kong-themed in-game items, which will include skins.