Great chance to get special character Emilia in Battlegrounds Mobile India, know how

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There is a new event going on in Battlegrounds Mobile India right now. In this, players are getting special character Emilia. Also, through a sub-event, players can also get themed music of this character. Come on, learn how.


Players get many great cosmetic items in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) . To enhance the gaming experience of the gamers, developer Krafton keeps on introducing various events, items and rewards from time to time.

Recently a new character Emilia has been added to the game. This is a female character. Emilia is the sixth special character to appear in the popular battle royale game. It can be found at an ongoing event. Come let’s know how.

This event going on in Battlegrounds Mobile India ( BGMI)

There is a Purchase and Get Emilia event going on at BGMI. It will be live till 30th June. Players can get many rewards from this event by buying UC. Note that UC is the in-game currency.

Character Shards available in the event can be used to combine with Shards available in the player’s inventory to get new characters. Given below is the list of rewards available in the event.

  • By topping up 1 UC, you can get 10 character Shards.
  • On topping up 100 UC, you will get 15 character Shards.
  • By topping up 300 UC, players will be able to get 50 character Shards.
  • On topping up to 600 UC, gamers will get 80 character Shards.
  • Players can get new character Emilia by topping up 1200 UC.

Unlike other character events in the game, none of the characters in this new Shards event are available for free. Players can get Emilia characters by topping up 1200 UC. At the same time, you can get Sarah, Carlo, Andy, or Anna for free by using the Shards character.

You can get this item instead of all this event in the game

Apart from this, another sub-event Get Emilia’s Music is going on in the game. In the sub-event, players are getting Emilia’s theme music. They can easily find it. Players can use this music as background music for their in-game profiles.