BGMI GFX Tool Pro APK download (100% Premium Unlocked)

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BGMI GFX Tool Pro APK download As you know very well that bgmi has recently been released in India only on July 2, which is an Indian version of pubg, recently there is a lot of work on the internet such gfx tools which do not work properly in BGMI. That is, all of them are not even compatible with your mobile. So through today’s article we will know which is the best gfx tool for bgmi game and how and how it works. By using all the gfx tools about which we are going to tell you, you can improve not only the graphics of your bgmi game but also the performance.

In this article, you will be told about winning and winning gfx tool, you will easily find all those gfx tools on Playstore and you can easily install them too. All these tools are completely safe and free to use, that is, you will not have to pay a single rupee to use them. This will not only improve the graphics of your game but also the performance of your game. So let’s know about these gfx tools.



Before telling which is the best gfx tool for bgmi (Best gfx tool for bgmi), we want to inform you that there are many gfx tools on the internet that you can install for bgmi game but only a few of them There are tools that work properly and are also safe & secure. So let’s know what those tools are.

  1. GFX Tool for BGMI & PUBG
  2. GFX Tool For Battleground mobile India
  3. GFX Tool For PUBG & BGMI
  4. Battleground Advanced Graphics Tool
  5. PTX- Potato Graphic GFX Tool 

Winning tools have been told in the list mentioned above, their features are almost the same, but in order to give you complete information about all these gfx, we have shortened their features and told below.


Features Of GFX TOOL for BGMI

  • All Versions Supported
  • Change to any Resolution
  • Potato Graphic Support
  • Unlock Up to 1080
  • Unlock Ultra Audio Quality
  • Lag-Free
  • Unlock HDR Graphic
  • Fully Control Anti-aliasing
  • Smooth Gameplay
  • Enable / Disable Shadow
  • Enable / Disable GPU optimization
  • Change Graphic Style Setting
  • Better Gaming Experience
  • Fully Customise and Optimize Graphic
  • Optimal Resolution For the game

BGMI GFX Tool Pro Apk download links

Download GFX Tool for BGMI Mod APK

BGMI Gfx Tool Pro Apk from Play Store

Advantages Of GFX Tool

  1. With the help of gfx, the graphics of bgmi games can be improved.
  2. The performance of the game can be improved with the help of Gfx tool.
  3. With the help of Gfx tool, 60 fps can be enabled in the device which does not support 60 fps.
  4. With the help of gfx tool, you can increase the resolution of your game up to 1080p.

Disadvantages Of GFX Tool

Just as if everything has fade, then it also has its disadvantages, similarly there can be disadvantages of using gfx tool in bgmi game or any game. Just as the gfx tool improves your gaming performance, it also has some disadvantages with it. Some examples of which are given below.
  1. Battery draining quickly.
  2. Game lag or hang in Slow Internet.
  3. Risk of damage to the low end device.
  4. Delay of the game when the Internet is slow.
  5. The possibility of the mobile heating up quickly.

BGMI gfx tool Setting Kaise Kare || Best GFX Settings for BGMI?

To do BGMI gfx tool ki stting kaise kare or  Best GFX Settings for BGMI, you have to follow some of the following settings. Above we have told 5 Best bgmi gfx tool but we will tell you by setting up GFX Tool for BGMI & PUBG, you can set up any other tool in the same way.
  1. Version                – BGMI
  2. Resolution           – 1080p
  3. Graphics              – HDR/Ultra
  4. potato Graphic     – Enable
  5. Frame Rate          – 60FPS
  6. Shadow                – Enable
  7. Audio Quality      – Default
  8. Anti Aliasing        – Default
Similarly, by making the above-mentioned settings, you can greatly improve and improve the performance and graphics of your bgmi game through the gfx tool.


In the presented information, we have learned about the 5 best gfx tools (Best gfx tool for bgmi), using which we can customize the graphics of bgmi game to a great extent and also improve our game. We hope that you will like the information given by Ahme in this article very much.